Tuesday, April 21, 2009

A Few Ideas for 2.5 inch Strip

1. Scrappy Rail Fence size approx. 57 x 69

Sew blue, white (cream), red together (I cut my strips in half ~21 inches because it gives more variety in the sewing)

Sub-cut into 6.5 inch units.

Arrange in a pleasing manner. I like colors marching from left to right down the quilt...notice blue and red stairsteps.

1.5 inch cut (1 inch finished) cream inner border.

6.0 inch cut (not real sure here) blue stars outer border. bind with blue stars.

2. Boxed 4 Patches aka Happy Block approx. size 53 x 69

I basically followed this pattern for Happy Blocks construction. Instead of a novelty square I made cream 4 patch blocks then alternated red and blue frames.

I like colors marching across the quilts diagonally.
1.5 inch cut (1 inch finished) inner cream border

6.0 inch cut (not real sure here) outer blue stars border. bind with blue stars

3. Chinese Coins with Friendship Stars approximate size 53 x 72
I followed this basic construction method here except I cut my 'coins' into 6.5 inch units to match the stars. I used approximately 2 yards of red and leftover 'coin' strips from the Boxed 4 Patch quilt.
2.5 inch cut inner red border
6.0 inch cut (not real sure here) outer flag border. bind with flag fabric.

4. Valor from Cozy Quilts approx. size 53 x 73

I had some smart friends from Texas help me figure out the cuts for this quilt. I then felt guilty so I brought the book it is in.

1.5 inch cut inner gold border

6.0 inch cut (not real sure here) outer blue stars border. bind with blue stars.

You can also follow this link and take a look around the Quilt of Valor website.

5. Starry Squares approx. size 60 x 72

I followed Mary's pattern for Boxed Squares to make the inside of this quilt. I then sewn the three borders from the leftover 2.5 inch strips I had. I think the next time I do this border treatment I would cut the first border at 1.5 inches (unfinished) the second at 2.0 inched (unfinished) and the third as is at 2.5 inches (unfinished). Personal preference~I just like the look of borders that are narrower closer to the quilt body.
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Linda_J said...

All terrific ideas, Pat! I think my favorite is the Chinese Coins with the friendship stars inside the strips.

I think I told you that the guild will be needing a whole bunch of QOV type quilts for the 180 some beds at the veteran's home they are building in the next county. Trust me, some of your ideas are going to get picked off. That and that mock TAW.