Wednesday, March 2, 2011

T*shirt quilt: adding the shadows

This is how I add the shadows on LindaJ's T*shirt Tutorial. Many thanks to Linda who helped me endlessly and freely when I was first making this type of quilt. you rock, gf! :)

1. I cut 24: 3" x 3" from background/sashing and 12: 3" x wof of shadow fabric

2. Trim the selvages off of the shadow fabric

3. Sew 12: 3 x3 background/sashing fabric to one end of the shadow fabric. you will have 12: 3 x3 b/s squares left for later.

4. Press to darker fabric. You will have 12 of these long looking two color strips.

5. Sew onto the right side of framed t*shirt, making sure that your b/s fabric is on the top right corner.

6. Continue sewing until you come to the end of the framed block. Then I cut with scissors past where the frame ends.

7. I then flip the shadow fabric over and sew a 3x3 b/s fabric to the end of the shadow fabric where the clean cut is~right sides together.

8. I press to the shadow/background fabric on the framed block and to the shadow fabric on the strip.

9. Trim to even.

10. Sew the background/sashing/shadow strip to the bottom of the framed block, making sure that the background/sash fabric is in the lower left corner.

11. Cut the excess again.

12. Toss the excess pieces into your scrap box.

13. Press towards the piece you just added.

14. Trim to even.

15. One completed block.

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